CrossFit Athlete Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr Flaunts Insane Abs In Bikini

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Since her first win at the 2017 CrossFit games, Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr wowed the world with her shredded abs. Many women are into fitness, but few can stand beside the Olympic champion’s insanely sculpted body. It definitely helps that she’s dedicated to her chosen sports – Crossfit games and weightlifting. Here’s a look at some of Tia-Clair’s sexy bikini posts and a few tips to achieve shredded abs (maybe.)


Unsplash | Marcus Ng

In August, Tia-Clair shared an image of herself emerging from the ocean with swimming gear – goggles and feet paddles. She wore a black two-piece sports bra bikini and tied her natural brunette hair in a messy bun. The Crossfit athlete looks pleased, and she confirmed it in her caption, “Love the feeling after a good swim.” The next paragraph dropped a tip for her 1.7 million Instagram fans as she encouraged them to subscribe to PRVN Fitness. According to Tia-Clair, the program offered a ten-week swimming program via e-Book for interested participants. Swimming is a great full-body workout.


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Tia-Clair’s back view is as defined as her front, and we can see that in this December post. She pulls a canoe and paddle in the middle of a vast water body as she longs for warmer weather. “What I would do for some warm weather right now,” she says but appears conflicted as she adds, “Missing that sunshine, but I am loving the white snowy days.” Tia-Clair then asks her followers to share their favorite season, and all we can say is, “We all love the sun, but we still need the rain.” Paddling is a good exercise to tone the upper arms.

More Swimming

There’s no doubt swimming is one of the weightlifter’s favorite pastimes. In September, she shared this boomerang highlighting her ripped abs in water, and the sight is divine! The water glistens on her body as she enjoys the final moment of the warm weather before Winter snuck on us. “Using up all the time I can in the water before it starts to get too cold,” she wrote. Soak up the warm weather before it gets cold, just because Tia-Clair said so.


Last but not least, work out. You can choose an easy exercise, but you can’t avoid it if you want ripped abs like Tia-Clair’s. Without abs exercise, you’ll get a flat tummy but no definition so. Your best bet is following Tia-Clair’s footsteps by “getting the work down” when you can. She has a good working relationship with PRVN Fitness.