Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Flexibility With New Best Friend

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We all need a shoulder to lean on at all times, and if one person knows that best, it's Jennifer Aniston. The Friends actress has a family of four dogs, including a white Shepard Lord Chesterfield, a gray Schnauzer Clyde, and a black and white Pitbull Sophie, and now an animated furry pup. She welcomed the animated pup to her family on the 6th of this month and shared his entrance with 39 million Instagram followers.

She teased the new addition in a short Instagram reel showing Lord Chesterfield and Clyde waiting eagerly for a mysterious guest. Aniston channels her Murder Mystery character in her caption, asking her fans to guess who's coming to dinner. The reel ends with an animated furry paw putting out a candle light.

Animated Furry Best Friend

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Jennifer doesn't leave us guessing for long as she tags the animated pup Clydeo in the teaser post. Clydeo turns out to be a computer-generated replica of her gray Schnauzer Clyde. The entertainment technology company Invisible Universe's creation has a white and brown fur with a bubbly personality. His Instagram bio introduces him as a "dog, foodie, cousin, and Jen's best friend. Clydeo boasts of his culinary skill saving him from paying rent.

Friends Who Do Yoga Together

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Asides from being Jennifer's chef, Clydeo is also her Yoga partner. The new mum and pet pair up to stretch on a mat with block supports. While Anniston's set is neutral-toned, Clydeo opts for a bubblegum shade. Jen lays in a side plank position as she stretches out her black yoga pants-clad leg like a pro. However, her new best friend flounders as he attempts to replicate the move. Although the We're the Millers actress encourages Clydeo's attempt by captioning, he was "So Close," the pup comments on the difficulty of practicing Yoga for the first time.

A Happy Pup Lover

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Although Aniston has two failed marriages, she shares her love with her furry family. The 52-year-old actress expresses her affection on social media, saying, "I Love You (insert paw emoji.)." Her love extends to her ex-husbands Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux as she maintains a cordial relationship with both men.

However, according to an insider, Jen's relationship with both men differs. She's reportedly closer to Theroux than Pitt, and it upsets the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star. The insider alleges Pitt raised eyebrows over Aniston and Theroux's friendship when she wished her second ex-husband a happy birthday.

Friendly Exes

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Jennifer Aniston had a five-year marriage with Brad Pitt between 2000 to 2005, then tried again with Justin Theroux from 2015 to 2017. Since her divorce from JT, Aniston has maintained an amicable split, hence their cordial relationship. The OK Magazine source insists this cordiality is a sore spot for Pitt as he also has a great relationship with the Murder Mystery actress. Jennifer isn't worried about Pitt's "jealousy" as she intends to continue her friendship with Theroux.