February 23, 2021
Kayla Moody Sits With Legs Apart While Wearing Tiger-Print Lingerie
Kayla Moody snaps a close-up selfie of her glam look.
Instagram | Kayla Moody
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Kayla Moody showed off her wild side in a titillating new video shared on her Instagram page Tuesday morning. The self-proclaimed "proud military wife" -- who has risen in popularity after her collaboration with the Carolina Model Project -- unleashed her inner feline while wearing a revealing tiger-print lingerie set that flaunted her killer curves. The American bikini model served up a sexy show of her insane figure by posing with her thighs apart, reeling up just over 12,000 views in the first hour alone. Scroll through to watch the tantalizing reel.  

Legs Spread Open
Kayla Moody sits with legs spread open while wearing a scanty white swimsuit.
Instagram | Kayla Moody

Kayla opened wide and showed off her voluptuous assets while sitting on a bed that only seemed big enough for one. The sleek, chocolate-brown sheets matched the palette of her sexy duds, which were decorated with dark tiger stripes over a cream backdrop. The lingerie also sported leather detailing around the daring neckline and the middle of the balconette cups. 

The side straps on her bottoms were also leather and stretched above her hips, exposing her lean legs. Another pair extended from the center of the panties, going around her waist and forming a v-shaped pattern that accentuated her lithe midriff and hourglass figure. Keep scrolling to see Kayla's provocative attire.



Massive Cleavage On Show
Kayla Moody reclines on her car seat and exposed deep cleavage in a sexy red bikini.
Instagram | Kayla Moody

The blonde's busty cleavage was on show in the seductive animal-print set, which had a sexy push-up effect that ensured that all eyes were glued to Kayla's abundant décolletage. Underwire cups provided definition to her shapely chest, keeping everything in place. The bra was complete with leather shoulder straps decorated with O-ring details, although they were hidden almost entirely beneath the model's long, cascading tresses.

Likewise, Kayla's rounded hips were on display in the skimpy undies, which sported an insane high cut that left little to the imagination. The strappy design created saucy cutouts in the front that flashed a bit of extra skin, while shiny studs and O-rings further drew the eye to her chiseled lower body. Check out the racy outfit below. 

Kayla Gets Flirty 
Kayla Moody poses on all fours at the beach in a sheer white swimsuit.
Instagram | Kayla Moody

The buxom beauty gave off sultry vibes as she leaned forward toward the camera, allowing her audience to admire her bodacious curves in detail. She rocked her shoulders and squeezed her breasts in between her arms, staring enticingly at the lens and parting her lips in an alluring way.    

Kayla also drew attention to her sculpted pins by caressing her knees and thighs. She maintained eye contact as she bent low and brushed her hands down her shins, igniting her already tempting timeline with the sizzling share. 

Lingerie Lover
Kayla Moody wears black lace lingerie, fishnets, and heels while sitting at her vanity with knees spread.
Instagram | Kayla Moody

Kayla loves parading her curves in torrid lingerie on Instagram. Just yesterday, the blond beauty thrilled fans with a scorching reel in which she flaunted her deep cleavage and thong-clad booty while rocking a see-through fiery-red lace set.  

Earlier this month, the Florida bombshell excited her audience as she soaked up some sun on a balcony while wearing nothing but sheer black lingerie with a daring design. Kayla oozed sexuality and nonchalance as she tucked her hand behind her head and raised her knee, flashing major underboob and sideboob in the risqué mesh number.