Mike Milbury's Comment About Women 'Instantly Sexualizes' Them, Analyst Says

Oliver VanDervoort

Mike Milbury's comments about women being a "distraction" to NHL players weren't just inappropriate because they were sexist. Julie Stewart-Binks wrote on Twitter on Friday that what the commentator said earlier this week was wrong because it "instantly sexualizes" women.

She added that Milbury's opinion can lead to taking away any value or worth from women beyond their bodies.

"As someone who was the only female media member who traveled with an NHL team, statements like this reinforce stereotypes that we've had to work so hard to erase. How can hockey be for everyone when this insinuates your value is as an object," Stewart-Binks wrote soon after in her following tweets.

"You can acknowledge there are fewer distractions playing sports in a bubble without being sexist."

Not only did it allow more teams in, but it put all the players that were slated to compete into what was called a "bubble" because they weren't able to interact with anyone other than those who were also being sequestered away from the public.

Milbury made the remarks that drew rebukes from the analyst and others while he was having a conversation with another commentator, Brian Boucher. The pair was discussing the environment people were playing and living in during the COVID-19 pandemic in the NHL. Boucher called it something that was perfect if someone really thought about it.

"It's the perfect place," Milbury responded. "Not even any women here to disrupt your concentration."

One day after Milbury talked about what could and could not disrupt someone's concentration, he came under fire from more people than just Stewart-Binks. The league office came out and condemned what Milbury said, adding that the attitude had no place in the game today, according to Yahoo Sports.

While Milbury was talking about how perfect he felt the playoff environment was for players, not everyone has apparently agreed with him. As The Inquisitr reported earlier this month, Boston Bruins goalie Tuuka Rask opted out last Saturday, just hours before his team was scheduled to try and advance to the second round.

Rask's general manager told the media soon after that everyone in the goalie's family was safe and sound. Rask previously talked about how he didn't like trying to play games without any fans in the stands.