Sami Zayn Has An Unlikely New Fan In Jim Corbett

Sami Zayn
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Aniket Awasthi

The world of WWE has several great stars, but Sami Zayn has never really been considered part of that group, though he has seen a resurgence in his popularity in recent years. Initially, he was a character that provided some comic relief in the show, but not anymore.

Zayn is an honorary member of The Bloodline, along with The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso) and Solo Sikoa. This has seen his screen time grow much more in the WWE, and he is taking full advantage of that fact.

Sami Zayn Has A New Fan

Zayn has gained a lot of fans during his recent run in the limelight, and one of them is legendary wrestling critic Jim Cornette. Cornette revealed that Sami Zayn is one of his favorite wrestlers at the moment and that the American has been incredible in the past few weeks.

"Oh, I've been feeling Ucey. Let me tell you something. I never thought that I would say this. But I think now Sami Zayn is my favorite person to watch on television. El Generico certainly wasn't but Sami Zayn is incredible," Cornette said.

Who Is Jim Cornette?

Jim Cornette is an American podcaster who has worked with several wrestling organizations around the world. He has made many special appearances in the WWE, primarily in 2017 and 2018.

Cornette was a huge part of the now-defunct World Wrestling Federation (rebranded to the WWE) for eight years. His most notable role in the organization was as spokesperson for WWF champion Yokozuna. He still had a say in the scouting and talent acquisition part of the organization.

Sami Zayn Responds To The High Praise

Zayn was confused and likely surprised after receiving such high praise from Cornette. He responded with a simple "My... Dawg?", in a tweet.

His surprise was understandable considering Cornette has been largely critical of several things in the WWE. Moreover, the legendary critic wasn't a fan of Zayn's previous character, El Generico.

The WWE Is Feeling Ucey

Zayn's antics in the WWE have always been hilarious, and his recently coined term "Ucey" has taken the fancy of most fans. A spin on the name of The Usos, Sami Zayn came up with the term in an outstanding segment that made all of the members of The Bloodline visibly chuckle.

The American wrestler always has something funny to say, and WWE fans hope that he'll keep this up for as long as he can.