Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Nicknamed 'Garbage Disposal' Because Of This Bad Habit

Arnold Schwarzenegger holding a mic in the middle of a speech
Getty | Gaelen Morse

Shuvangi Sen Chaudhury

You are what you eat, and usually, this phrase is used to promote healthy eating. However, Arnold Schwarzenegger truly represented the saying during his younger days.

It so happens that during his younger days, Arnold Schwarzenegger earned the name ‘Garbage Disposal’, and for a good reason too!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Followed A Rather ‘Eat-It-All’ Diet

When Schwarzenegger was a young bodybuilder, he didn’t care what he ate, as long as he ate. In fact, it didn’t matter where the food came from.

“Anything that’s in the kitchen sink. Anything you can find on the kitchen floor. Just scrape it up, put it in there, and I will love it.”

This led to him earning a nickname that was rather unusual - Garbage Disposal - indicating that he, like garbage disposal, can consume anything, Schwarzenegger could do the same!

Of course, Schwarzenegger was otherwise popularly known as ‘The Austrian Oak.’

A Health Scare Led Him To Change His Diet

The Austrian Oak was rather inconsistent with what he consumed in his younger days. In fact, he ate half a pie three days before a contest where his peers were following a strict diet to be in shape.

“It was so good, and I think it really contributed to how pumped we [Frank Columbu and Arnold Schwarzenegger] got when we went to the Mr. Olympia contest.”

In 2018, Schwarzenegger had to be rushed for emergency open heart surgery. From this point, he changed his diet and started focusing on healthier foods, instead of eating everything and anything. Currently, he’s become 80% vegan and is a messenger of the fact that animal protein isn’t the only way to consume protein for bodybuilding.

What Does Arnold Schwarzenegger Have In His Fridge Now?

As he’s become older, his diet has changed. He stopped eating everything he could and adopted a much healthier lifestyle.

His fridge contains a platter of fruits which has strawberries, blueberries, bananas, watermelons, and pineapples.

Additionally, he has a specific drink that always finds a place in the fridge - Radler. It’s a German drink made of lemonade and beer.

“Most people don’t know it, but it’s my secret protein drink.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Current Workout Routine

During his younger days, he was at the gym five hours a day. Of course, as he aged, the routine changed. 

Currently, Schwarzenegger does not lift heavy weights following his heart surgery. Instead, he lifts lighter weights with more reps.

“After my heart surgery, I was advised not to train heavy. Not go go three reps, heaviest weight, and all that stuff. So now I do lighter weights and more reps.”

It’s a given that Schwarzenegger will not be lifting weights. He likes to maintain his physique, and at his current age, he needs to modify his training program to suit his age!