Anna Kendrick's Directorial Debut Proves She Has What It Takes

Close up of Anna Kendrick
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Pitch Perfect alum Anna Kendrick makes her directorial debut this year on the true crime thriller The Dating Game and will star as an actress in the movie. She presented the movie at the just-concluded Toronto International Film Festival and got multiple international buyers bidding for the opportunity to distribute the movie. It goes to show her pitch alongside Stuart Ford of AGC studios sold to these distributors.

Keep reading for more on the movie and her beautiful dress at the TIFF.

All About 'The Dating Game'

Kendrick wears many hats on The Dating Game from Director to Actress to Producer. She'll produce the film in Vancouver, Canada at the end of next month. It tells the story of Cheryl Bradshaw (Kendrick), a bachelorette participating in the 1970s romance reality TV show The Dating Game (yes, the same title of the movie) who unknowingly chose a serial killer, Rodney Alcala as her partner.

Distributors from Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latin America, New Zealand Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom bought the movie.

Talent Input Is Always Valuable

AGC's CEO, Ford, credited Kendrick's input for the spike in pre-sales at TIFF. He also said it confirmed the effectiveness of pre-sale campaigns at festivals. He called it,

"an effective one for intelligent, commercial projects with bankable talent and that are presented to distributors in the right manner and at the right budget levels."

Bright And Yellow At The Festival

Kendrick wore a bright yellow sleeveless minidress to the Toronto International Film Festival. She almost didn't make it after getting stuck in an elevator on her way to the event. Thankfully, the actress did and glammed up in a curly ponytail highlighting her nude makeup face. She also accessorized lightly with dropping earrings and no other jewelry pieces. Kendrick stood tall in silver stiletto sandals matching her earrings.

Promoting 'Alice, Darling' At TIFF

Selling The Dating Game wasn't Kendrick's only reason for attending TIFF as she also premiered her latest movie, Alice, Darling, at the event. She got the script two years ago at a difficult time in her life and it helped her heal from residual trauma.

Alice, Darling tells the story of an emotionally abused woman who finds strength with her girlfriends on a girls' trip away from her abusive successful partner. Although Kendrick didn't name her abuser, she revealed that she also experienced emotional abuse from a romantic partner a few years ago.