NFL News: Bill Belichick Raves About Rhamondre Stevenson

Bill Belichick
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Ernesto Cova

There's not much you can do to get out once you're into Bill Belichick's doghouse. But those who work hard and make the most of their opportunities sure have more than enough chances to prove their worth.

That was the case last season with Rhamondre Stevenson, who became a steady contributor in the second half of the campaign for the New England Patriots.

He Could Be In For A Big Role

Bill Belichick
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Stevenson could be in for a breakout season in year two. The injuries and departures have left a big void in the Patriots' backfield, and Belichick sure seems proud about his improvement and work ethic:

“(He’s) certainly (made) an effort to improve, and that’s a great thing,” Belichick said, per “All players, no matter how good they are — and we have a lot of good players — have the obvious strengths, and that’s what carries them to this level in the National Football League and to the opportunity to be productive on this team. But we all have weaknesses, and it’s good for every player to identify what he needs to work on, and then address it and try to improve that so it doesn’t continue to be a weakness.

Pass-Catching Could Become A Strength

Rhamondre Stevenson
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The coach also lauded Stevenson's route-running and attention to detail, stating that his pass-catching skills could become a strength and hinting at a larger role going forward:

“I think his attention to the details of his route running and passing game have certainly shown up in practice, and hopefully they’ll show up in the games now," Belichick said. "It’s something that he now has shown that he can do. Or it might even become a strength. So I really admire Mondre for doing that and for the effort that he’s put into it.”

He Needs To Prove It

Gillette Stadium
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Still, the Pats need to see how Stevenson actually performs in game situations, as he was barely featured in that role in the preseason:

“We haven’t had a lot of blitz situations, live blitz situations come up (this summer),” Belichick added. “But we’ll get some, I’m sure, especially from Miami, and same thing in the passing game. A lot of our passes the last couple of weeks have gone to players who are right now on the practice squad, like Kevin (Harris) and J.J. (Taylor), people like that. So (Stevenson) hasn’t had a lot of chance to do that in games. But he’s done it well in the past at times.

Pats Could Struggle

Gillette Stadium
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The Patriots' offense has drawn negative reviews throughout the offseason and they face two potential playoff teams in their division, so they can sure use a dynamic playmaker out of the backfield.

So, if Stevenson is nearly as good as advertised, he might as well be this team's savior in Mac Jones' second-year leading the offense.