Kyle Lowry Claims He Almost Got Vince Carter To Re-Join The Raptors

Vince Carter
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Ernesto Cova

Even though he was only there for six years, most people will always remember Vince Carter as a Toronto Raptor. He spent 22 years in the NBA and played for multiple franchises, but it's impossible not to remember him wearing that throwback Raptors jersey.

Carter, however, left the team on very bad terms. He forced his way out and was even hated for years until he finally made amends with the fans and the city of Toronto.

He Would've Won A Ring

Vince Carter
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Carter played for multiple franchises and was often tied to a homecoming that never happened. Now, in the latest edition of his podcast, Raptors legend Kyle Lowry revealed that he almost got him to sign with them in 2018. Notably, that would've been his first and only trip to the NBA Finals, and he would have a ring by now:

"I tried to get Vince back with us," Lowry said on The VC Show. "I was one of the biggest advocates to try to get him back in Toronto and Vince was all in. We was working on trying to get that done."

Lowry Wanted Him Back

Kyle Lowry
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Carter admitted that there were conversations to take him back north of the border, but eventually, 'business is business':

“I was like one of the biggest advocates to try to get him back into Toronto,” Lowry added, “and Vince was all-in. So you people who didn’t think Vince wasn’t all-in coming back to Toronto? It’s bogus.”

He Loved Toronto

Vince Carter
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A couple of months ago, Carter talked about how much he loved the city and how he and Tracy McGrady went to great lengths to put it on the map:

"People didn’t know about the city and two, visibility — and that was our thing. But we took advantage. Tracy and I took advantage of the opportunities we finally got," Carter said. "On the dunk contest, when we finally got on that national stage, we made a splash because if you’re doing your thing, they’re going to find you.”

Carter Put Them On The Map

Vince Carter
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Toronto is now a prime destination for free agents, and the stigma about the city is a thing of the past. Carter likes to think he had something to do with that:

“I re-upped there. There [are] other players who re-upped there," Carter added. "There [are] players that are dying to get to Toronto, saying that Toronto was one of the best-kept secrets — which I'm well documented saying that 20 years ago."

We would've loved to see him retire where it all started, but that's just how business goes sometimes.