NFL Rumors: Niners GM Sheds Light Into A Potential Jimmy Garoppolo Trade

Jimmy Garoppolo
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Ernesto Cova

We're one month away from the NFL season and there is still no news on Jimmy Garoppolo's next destination. But sometimes, no news is good news.

Jimmy G was working his way back from a nagging shoulder injury that seriously hampered his trade value. But he's started practicing with no limitations, so talks could ramp up rather quickly as teams continue to go through training camp.

Garoppolo Is Back To Full Strengh

Jimmy Garoppolo
Giphy | San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers granted Garoppolo and his camp permission to seek a trade, so, naturally, proving that he's healthy again is the first step in that direction:

"Jimmy's doing a really good job, kind of building his stamina in the throwing program that was prescribed all along, and working out really strongly and aggressively," Niners GM Lynch said. "I'm watching him throw right now, and he looks pretty good."

He's Right On Schedule

Jimmy Garoppolo
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Lynch stated that Garoppolo is looking as good as ever and that it's just a matter of time before he's back in game shape:

“Jimmy’s doing a really good job,” Lynch said. “Kind of building his stamina in the throwing program that was prescribed all along and working out really strongly and aggressively, but yeah that situation is kind of where we’ve described it before."

They Won't Rush To Make A Move

Jimmy Garoppolo
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Still, his big salary and questionable performances have driven potential suitors away. That's why the Niners don't want to take a penny on the dollar or rush to make a move, even if keeping him around comes at a hefty price:

"We’ve just made the decision that it’s in his best interest to be off to the side and that was made mutually," Lynch said. "We'll stay patient through this one as well, and come to a great conclusion for everybody involved."

He's Unlikely To Join The Team

Jimmy Garoppolo
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Some speculate that the Niners want to keep Jimmy G around in case Trey Lance underperforms. Nonetheless, HC Kyle Shanahan doesn't expect him to practice with the team:

“I think anything’s possible but that would surprise me right now," Shanahan said a couple of weeks ago.

The team has already announced that Lance will be the starter going forward and for years to come, so the Niners could look to release Jimmy if they don't find a trade suitor.

If that's the case, then the Seahawks, Giants, and Texans have been mentioned as the likeliest destinations for the former Patriots gunslinger.