NBA Rumors: Kyrie Irving To Heat, Tyler Herro And Kyle Lowry To Nets In Proposed Trade

Kyrie Irving
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Ernesto Cova

The Miami Heat have been tied to nearly every big name reportedly available in the market. Pat Riley wants to make another shot at an NBA championship, and he's been known for usually getting whatever he wants.

This time, however, outbidding other franchises for Donovan Mitchell or Kevin Durant could be an uphill battle, so he may look elsewhere for an All-Star caliber player to revamp the roster.

Don't Sleep On The Heat

Kyrie Irving
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So, with Durant likely staying put and Mitchell reportedly close to the Knicks, NBA insider Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson believes they could be in play for Kyrie Irving:

“I mentioned the Mavericks, and I mentioned the Phoenix Suns, But I think the Miami Heat could be in play for either Kyrie Irving or Kevin Durant. I think that ultimately both Kevin and Kyrie know their worth, they know what they can bring to an organization, and I don’t think they’re rushing to make magic happen on the Nets’ part,” Robinson told Heavy. “If I’m Miami or I’m looking at Brooklyn, I’m looking at a possible situation where Miami could make Tyler Herro, Kyle Lowry, and Max Strus available as well as a first-round pick for Kyrie Irving and a second-round pick.”

Why Would Brooklyn Do This?

Kyrie Irving
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The Brooklyn Nets aren't on the same page with Kyrie. They were willing to let him walk away as a free agent this summer and didn't offer him a contract extension. Right now, he's only an extra burden to keep Kevin Durant happy.

With this move, they'd have another potential building block in Tyler Herro, who fits Ben Simmons' timeline. They'd also get a serviceable backup in Max Strus, and a bonafide PG in Kyle Lowry, who could even play next to Simmons.

Miami Lands Another Scoring Threat

Kyrie Irving
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As great as Jimmy Butler is, he's not the most versatile scorer in the league. Also, other than him and the aforementioned Herro, the Heat lack a player who can consistently create their shot.

Kyrie would give them another scoring threat from all three levels and an offensive upgrade over Lowry. He may not be a pass-first guard, but his skill set could complement Butler's game and vice versa.

It's A Win-Win

Kyrie Irving
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Even if the Nets would want more in return for Kyrie, his history of controversies and unpredictable nature may scare away most teams.

The Heat have made a living out of turning other teams' misfits into stars of their own, and Erik Spoelstra has plenty of experience dealing with egos and larger-than-life personalities. So, both from a basketball and a personnel standpoint, this transaction makes sense for everybody.