Mandy Rose In Bikini Says 'I’m The Captain Now'

closse up of Mandy Rose
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This summer, WWE NXT women's champion Mandy Rose has given her body adequate rest and enjoyment as she poses a storm in this black bikini, thrilling her fans with optimum views for days. It should be no surprise that the athlete enjoys swimming activities, as evidenced by the abundance of bikini shots on her Instagram feed.

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Ye Captain!

Mandy Rose fanning herself
Giphy | WWE

Rose looks gorgeous in this swimsuit, with its triangle cut-out that is ideal for her boobs and allows her to show off her cleavage. The bottom of the bikini is held in place by a strap connecting to the top, revealing her taut midriff as the image reveals tan from Rose's bottom area, which means she has been soaking up a lot of sun rays in the bikini.

Mandy Rose stretched her leg while exploring different positions as she flaunts her enviable physique on the yacht, primarily surrounded by the bright blue sky and the beautiful sea. It's difficult to ignore her perfectly manicured nails and the wristwatch she wore. Mandy completed her ensemble with a captain's cap and sunglasses.

NXT Queen

Mandy shows off her NXT belt in a baby pink string bikini. Her toned body is highlighted by the frilly two-piece, which clings to her toned body. She returns to her dark brown hair, spotting a long bone-straight weave to her waist. Her hair frames her tight abs, highlighting the two defined lines from years of crunches. Mandy's 5'4 frame stands taller in four-inch red-bottom pumps as she stares at the camera straight-faced.

Dedicated To The Sport

After defending her title for the umpteenth time, she branded herself a hot commodity, proving she's the woman to beat on WWE NXT. She wore her gym clothes in the shot, and it's clear that the champ is ready to work out. Mandy is determined and dedicated to her sport, which explains why she consistently wins.

The athlete accessorized her gym look with a hairband, indicating that she is ready for business and will not let anything stand in her way.

Reigning Champion

Rose's top position in her career as a member of the formidable Toxic Attraction group does not bode well for many WWE NXT fans. She is still unbothered because she works hard, and the fruits of her labor are often visible. Mandy Rose does not appear to be relinquishing her title without a fight, as evidenced by the caption;

Want to be on my level? Climb bitch 🙃