NFL News: Aaron Rodgers Clears The Air On His Retirement Comments

Aaron Rodgers
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Ernesto Cova

Even though the NFL season has yet to start, Aaron Rodgers is already in mid-season form and stealing all the headlines.

The Green Bay Packers star made the news for claiming he's constantly thinking about retirement, even though he's coming off back-to-back MVP seasons.

Rodgers Thinks About Retirement

Aaron Rodgers
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Following his win on 'The Match' with Tom Brady, Rodgers looked back on his career and claimed that he 'thinks about retirement all the time':

"I think about it [retirement] all the time," Rodgers said. "When you commit, you're 100 percent. But the older you get, the interests change, and the grind, I think, wears on you a little more. The football is the easy part. That's the joy. It's the other stuff that wears on you and makes you think about life after football."

He'll Retire As A Packer

Aaron Rodgers
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That's why he had to clear the air and let everybody know that he's not talking about retiring now. Also, he affirmed his desire to play with the Packers for the remainder of his career:

"Yeah, definitely," Rodgers said when asked about retiring with the Packers. "If you say I'm for sure playing two more, three years and then you have a magical season that ends with a championship and think that that might be the best way to ride off, I don't want to commit to something. You say, I'm only playing one more year and you have a bitter taste in your mouth and still got the drive and the passion to play one or two more years, I just don't want to get pigeonholed into it.

He's Focused On 2022

Aaron Rodgers
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Rodgers is taking things one year at a time and will only focus on what's to come in 2022. Then, he'll decide his future:

"So I'm focused on this season. I'm never gonna drag it out in the offseason," Rodgers concluded. "The conversations I've had with Brian [Gutekunst] have been very honest and direct, and that's not going to change, and we'll sit down after the season, hopefully after a championship and figure out what the next step is."

Will He Retire In 2023?

Aaron Rodgers
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If the time has shown us something, Rodgers' words always need to be taken with a grain of salt. He likes all that frenzy and can change his mind from one moment to another.

The reality is that the Packers are paying him way too much money to walk away from it, especially now that he's still at the top of his game. So, you never know, but retirement doesn't seem likely right now.