'Hope He Doesn't Go Anywhere Unless I Do': Will Aaron Rodgers Follow Nathaniel Hackett To Denver?

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Ernesto Cova

The Green Bay Packers face plenty of questions in the offseason. They have limited cap space and some big-name players heading to free agency.

Yet again, the biggest story at Lambeau Field will once again be Aaron Rodgers' future, as the QB left the door open for a departure and even admitted to considering walking away from the game.

Moreover, with the Denver Broncos hiring Packers' OC Nathaniel Hackett as their next head coach, most people around the NFL speculate that Rodgers could follow him to Mile High.

Rodgers Implied He Could Follow Hackett

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It's not a secret that Rodgers and Hackett go a long way back. In fact, back in 2020 when Hackett was rumored to pursue an HC job somewhere else, Rodgers went as far as to imply that he could follow him somewhere else:

“There’s nobody in the building that brings me more joy or is more fun to be around than Nathaniel Hackett, Rodgers said with a smile on his face. “I love him. Hope he doesn’t go anywhere — unless I do.”

Broncos GM Denies Hiring Hackett To Lure Rodgers

George Paton And Nathaniel Hackett
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That's why, in an attempt to avoid any fines for breaking the NFL's tampering rules, Broncos' GM George Paton categorically denied that hiring Hackett came with any sort of package deal for Aaron Rodgers as well:

“Before I answer that, my family showed up late and I believe this is the first time they’ve been in UCHealth Training Center, so I want to introduce my wife Barb, in the back, my beautiful daughter, Bella, and my handsome son, Beau," Paton said during Hackett's introductory press conference. "Welcome to UCHealth [Training Center], I think this is the first time you guys have been here because of COVID-19. And, absolutely not. Thanks for asking.”

Hackett And Rodgers Have A Strong Relationship

Aaron Rodgers and Nathaniel Hackett
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Then again, Hackett took some time in his introduction speech to thank Rodgers for how he helped him find success and build such a solid reputation around the league:

“First and foremost, Aaron [Rodgers] was absolutely unbelievable. He’s been one of my biggest supporters and I love him. I’m thankful very much for him," Hackett said. "Coaching a man like that, the one thing I learned is, you better have an answer for every question because he’s going to ask every single question about every single thing that you’re going to do. I think that was something that was very valuable for me."

Rodgers claimed that he'll take some time before making any final decisions on his next career move. But all things considered, it's not a stretch to think that he'll be a Denver Bronco next season.